使用化学品和溶剂时,请配戴安全镜。电极包括玻璃部分。当需要测量正在搅拌中样品的pH 值时,注意**停止搅拌后测量。
(1) 脱下电极的橡皮套,用去离子水清洗后用滤纸吸干电极。
(2) 校准
将电极放在一个校准缓冲液中并按 Cal,在信号稳定后仪表根据预选终点方式终点或按 Read, 仪表将显示并锁定**相应缓冲液值。用去离子水清洗电极。如果要使用另一个pH缓冲液,请将电极放在下一个校准缓冲液中并按 Cal . 重复按 Cal 可以退出校准过程。
95-105% 电极状态良好
90-94%   电极需要清洁
85-89% 电机出现故障
(3) 测量
按Mode选择 pH 或者 mV 模式。将电极放在样品中并按 Read 以开始测量:小数点闪动。显示屏显示样品的pH 值。自动测量终点A是仪表的默认设置。当传感器输出稳定后,显示屏自动固定, 并显现√A。
按住 Read 键,可以在自动和手动测量终点模式之间切换。要手动测量一个终点,可按 Read 显示屏固定并显现 √ 。
(4) 维护
确保电极始终存放在适当的存储液中。 (3mol/l KCl 溶液), 不要使之干涸。





(pH meter MP 220)

Hazard & PPE

It is advisable to wear safety glasses when handling cleaning agents. The electrodes contain glass parts.
When measuring the sample’s pH value in a mixer, be sure to stop the stirrer.
(6) Remove the rubber cap from the fill hole, rinse the electrode with DI water and blot dry with tissue.
(7) Calibration
Place the electrode in a calibration buffer and press Cal. The endpoint according to the preselected endpoint mode after the signal has stabilized or after pressing Read, the meter displays and freezes the relevant buffer value. Rinse the electrode with deionized water. If you want to use another pH buffer, place the electrode in the next calibration buffer and press Cal again. Press Cal repeatedly to exit the calibration routine.
Electrode Condition Indicator
95-105% electrode in good condition
90-94%   electrode needs cleaning
85-89% electrode needs conditioning
(8) Measurement
Select pH or mV mode by Mode Press Read.  Place the electrode in the sample and press Read to start the measurement: the decimal point blinks. The display shows the pH of the sample. The automatic endpoint A is the default setting of the meter. When the signal has stabilized, the display freezes automatically, and √A appears.
By pressing and holding down Read, you can switch between the auto and manual endpoint modes. To manually endpoint a measurement, press Read: the display freezes and √ appears.
(9) Maintenance 
Make sure the electrode is always stored in an appropriate storage solution (3mol/l KCl solution), and do not allow it to dry out.
For maximum accuracy, any filling solution that may have “crept” and encrusted the outside of the electrode should be removed with deionized water - do not wipe the electrode as this may cause polarization and slow response.
(10) Note:  Storage in distilled water will drastically decrease the life time of the electrode.